Formulife Supplements: A history of quality supplement manufacturing


The Company 

Formulife Supplements is a custom dietary supplement manufacturer located in Dallas, TX, specializing in powders, capsules, and tablets. We operate our own in-house analytical laboratory to ensure raw material identity and finished goods accuracy. Because we maintain a tighter, more precise book of business, we are uniquely able to be responsive to the dynamic needs of our clients: we focus on adding long-term relationships with clients, not simply customers.   


The Process 

At Formulife Supplements, you will work directly with our production management team, principal chemists, and quality control personnel as opposed to a sales representative. We remove the sales element from the process all together and allow our skilled departments to execute their job from the onset.  Thus, you are assured a better assembled and performing product. Our staff is measured on quality results, not sales quotas. 


The Options

From sizes of bottles, styles and types of lids, to colors of capsules, we offer an array of distinguishing packaging options allowing you to create your vision and standout within your market. Our production management team will assist you in navigating this vast terrain of options and ensure you arrive at the best fit for the scope of your project.    


The Experience 

Your sales are our sales, so we take an active role in your product line. Whether it be a mere flavor extension, reformulation, or a complete new offering, we stay immersed in the science and research of new, cutting-edge materials assuring our partners a healthy and prosperous pipeline.