Quality custom capsule manufacturing with quick turnaround times.


Capsule manufacturing at Formulife Supplements offers you multiple choices to help your brand stand out as well as meet the required specifications for your product. Our custom capsule manufacturing service allows you to select capsule size, color, and encapsulation material of your dietary supplement line.  As an encapsulating supplement manufacturer, we understand the nuances of creating and maintaining batch to batch consistency from the first run to the 100th.  Whether you are beginning a new product line, or are looking to change your current manufacturer, you can be assured that our skilled team will be able to meet and exceed your expectations.



Formulife Supplements provides exceptional encapsulating manufacturing quality because we implement state-of-the-art machinery in our production process. Utilizing high-speed semi-automatic and manual encapsulating filling machines operate non-stop to make sure that your deadlines are met.  Samples of your product will be weighed intermittently throughout its run to verify that it meets the approved weight requirement, reviewed and checked by our Quality Control personnel, and analyzed for ingredient potency by our in-house Chemical Laboratory.


From the purchase order to delivery, your product will be closely supervised and validated through each process guaranteeing its accuracy.  To get started on your encapsulated supplement project, email us, or call us at 214-221-4911.