Powder Filling

Bulk powder mixing, flavor profiling, and filling.

Manufacturing an excellent powder supplement is two-fold.  First, the powdered supplement must taste delicious.  Secondly, it must have superior ingredients so that it will stand apart from competing products. Whether your intention is to manufacture a bodybuilding protein powder or weight loss/meal replacement powder, you will greatly benefit having Formulife Supplements’ flavor experts involved in the flavoring stages of product development.  We perceive product flavoring as the most beneficial avenue to achieving brand recognition and loyalty - a memorable taste experience is formed the moment a customer experiences a flavored product that they find superior.

And, being that flavor is subjective from person to person, we will supply you with a product sample for you to test and collect feedback from business associates, family, and friends.  Once you are satisfied with the flavor of your powdered supplement, we begin production.

From starting a new line, to producing new flavors for existing customers, we have the equipment and capacity to handle your powdered supplement needs.  Get in touch with us today and learn more about powder formulation and creating great tasting powdered products!