Meet Your Team Leaders

These are the people who you will be working right alongside to make sure your product is exactly the way you want it. From the initial concept to the final shipment, we’re in this with you.

Brandon Smith | Founder

Brandon Smith is the Founder of Formulife Inc. His intensity and vision has lead this company, and more importantly its employees, towards business and personal success. His growth-mindset and vibrant leadership has taken Formulife Inc. from start-up to over 80,000 feet of manufacturing with a multitude of capabilities including full laboratory services. Formulife Inc. has consecutively climbed the ranks of the INC5000 with Brandon as its hands-on CEO. To this day, he loves being involved in the formulation and marketing process and is looking at new opportunities relentlessly.

Scott Fuhrman | CEO

Scott has been an integral part of Formulife Inc. since day one. He began as the Vice President in 2009, became Chief Operations Officer in 2010 and CEO in 2021. From label verification to flavoring and everything in between, you can trust that Scott has participated in a hands-on way in the creation of your supplement. Thus, you can expect a high level of quality and sophistication when it comes to the products we manufacture.

Prateek Pahuja | Chief Financial Officer

After receiving his MBA in business in 2012, Prateek worked his way up the ladder through several reputable companies from Associate to Consultant. In 2015 he began working for Formulife Inc. as Financial Comptroller and quickly became a valuable asset to the company. In 2019 he was promoted to CFO and has continued to show outstanding attention to detail while contributing to the ongoing success of Formulife Inc.

Kelly Crawford | General Manager

Kelly has been with Formulife Inc. since 2016, and has a strong background in management. Kelly keeps things moving in the office. She oversees the sourcing of raw materials.

With over 20 years of experience in Customer Service, Management and the Sport Nutrition industry,  Kelly made the move to Contract Manufacturing back in 2016.    

Her career began with family-owned Smoothie Factory franchises in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, back when EAS was top dog on the supplement shelves.

In 1999, while finishing her degree, Kelly started working for Lone Star Distribution, a wholesaler for sports nutrition products.  Starting as a sales representative,  she worked her way up the ladder finishing her 17 year career as General Manager of their largest distribution center and Operations Manager for all warehouses.  

“Moving to the manufacturing side was a big change, but it feels like home.  I’m so proud to be a member of the Formulife family and do my part to ensure it succeeds.   It doesn’t matter what side of the industry you’re on, one thing remains the same and that’s making sure the customer gets the best service and product!”  

Married with 2 children,  Kelly keeps plenty busy as well cheering on her son in college football and her daughter in competitive swimming.  They’re her pride and joy!

Michael Caine | Research & Development

Michael (Mike) worked for his first few years at Formulife Inc. as a lab technician. In 2019 he was promoted to formulator and is now running his own lab where he creates ingredient profiles to client specifications. Using what he gained from working in our testing lab, Mike ensures that all Formulife Inc. products are made with the highest quality ingredients around. He also creates incredibly delicious flavor combinations. Want to refresh your flavor profiles? Talk to Mike!

Kirsten Backstrom | Lab Manager

Erika Oltermann | Assistant Lab Manager

After earning her BS in Biochemistry from the University of North Texas, Erika was hired at Formulife Inc. as a QC Chemist. She quickly showed an impeccable work ethic, so when a Lab Manager position opened up, we knew she was the right person for the job. Erika oversees all lab operations. Every product that comes into and out of our facility is lab tested and verified for quality control. Erika makes sure everything from protein to capsules is examined, literally, under a microscope to ensure that you receive the best ingredients and products available.

Callie Ford | Director of Operations

Tex Glisson | Director of Sales

Tex has a ten-gallon hat that holds twenty gallons. He is “The Most Interesting Director of Sales in the World.” This Texas native left to study Business Management & Entrepreneurship at Kennesaw State University in 2006 and eventually settled in Dallas, Georgia. He entered the health & wellness industry working in sales at a distribution company then transitioned into manufacturing. It only seemed fitting for the Lone Star state native, who lives in Dallas, Georgia and goes by Tex, to return to his roots with a company based out of Texas. Tex believes in earning respect the old-fashioned way, through hard work and ingenuity. Today, Tex serves as Director of Sales at Formulife where he oversees new customer acquisition and business development.

Nick Dowling | Director of Quality

Lori Barnhouse | AR/AP Assistant

Lori began working for Formulife Inc in 2016 as AR/AP Assistant. Nothing flies under her radar. Because of Lori’s attentiveness, you can rest assured that your account is secure and in good hands.

Mayra Gonzalez | Office Manager

Mayra is another “OG” of Formulife Inc. She began as an assistant in the early days of the company and worked her way up to Office Manager in 2016. Mayra keeps the ship running efficiently.

Jacob Schwan | Production Manager

Ryan Miller | Procurement Manager

David Wirey | Operations & Warehouse Manager