At Formulife, quality plays a role at each stage of the manufacturing process. From procedure to analytical ability, our unique processes ensure consistent, quality products on time.   

Vendor Qualification and Raw Material Procurement
Vendors are pre-qualified by our quality department and sample materials are confirmed by our lab before a purchase order has even been sent. Upon receipt, raw materials are properly identified and quantified using the latest biotechnology and methods; this includes identifying botanicals down to their genus and species level. 

In-process Testing
During the compounding stage, representative samples of each batch are brought to our lab for organoleptic and ID-testing.  are brought to the lab for micro and analytical testing. This prevents any harmful contamination of the product reaching a customer. 

Finished Goods Testing and Retained Samples 
Finished goods are tested against house reference-standards to confirm accuracy before being released. A complete microbiological panel and heavy metal test is also performed. Once cleared and released for shipment, representative finished goods from the actual production run are kept for 3 years. 

Team of Analytical Chemists 
Our team uses the latest in analytical technology to identify ingredients prior to accepting them into our general inventory as well as confirm finished goods before releasing them for shipment.  

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